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The Benefit Bank® online service (TBB) is the only one of its kind, offering benefits eligibility screening, benefits application filing, IRS-certified tax assistance and filing service, client document storage and outcome tracking and measurement service on a single, streamlined platform. This unique combination of services is tailored to meet the needs of each state's residents and is a free-to-clients service that operates through non-profit organizations and government agencies.

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Far too many people struggle to meet their basic needs. The process of getting medical assistance, buying food, making ends meet and even knowing where to go for help can be confusing, intimidating, time consuming and embarrassing. The Benefit Bank removes these obstacles – bringing people closer to stability and closer to self-sufficiency.

The Benefit Bank online service simplifies and centralizes the process of applying for programs and resources such as food assistance, health coverage, home energy assistance and much more. Through its eligibility screening tool, The Benefit Bank can ensure that people are fully aware of the benefits to which they are entitled and, as an expert system it helps maximize the benefits and tax refunds they can secure. TBB is unique because it functions as a benefits eligibility screener, a benefits application filer and an IRS-certified tax assistance and filing service.

Developed for use by a wide range of community based, faith-based, governmental, job-training, healthcare or social service agencies, The Benefit Bank can be part of a community-wide response to poverty. The Benefit Bank not only provides the opportunity to help neighbors but also provides information for organizations to more effectively advocate for policies that better serve their communities.